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An alternative to Muse for Web Designers: STUDIO

If you're looking for an alternative for Adobe Muse, you should try Studio.


Since the announcement of end of service for Adobe Muse in March 2018, many loyal users who have relied on the platform for years to run their business have been left to figure out what’s next.

If you are looking to create fully responsive websites from scratch without writing a single line of code - meet STUDIO.

Design from scratch & customize anything

Unlike simple website builders, STUDIO is optimized to give you the freedom to create your customized website from scratch. While wireframes, template components and full templates, it’s up to you how much of it to use and most importantly how much to customize.

Easy & intuitive UI, learn fast & get creating

There is no need for previous HTML/CSS knowledge, nor there is need to watch hours of video guides to master the tool.

Reading our introductory guide will be enough to get started: the UI is extremely intuitive and clean, once you get familiar with STUDIO you will get creating with ease yet without compromising on design freedom.


Responsive Design, Made Easy

One great advantage of switching to STUDIO is how quick and easy it will be for you to make your sites responsive, looking great on any device and screen size.

Firstly, STUDIO already has set breakpoints for you, so you don’t have to manually find them. Secondly, because STUDIO uses the box layout rather than a free-form layout, you won’t need to adjust the size and position of every text box, image section at every breakpoint because that will automatically be done for you. You will only need to edit simple things like text size and margin.

Making your site responsive is a matter of minutes with STUDIO.


Full transition support, 24/7 Live Chat

We know it is hard for you to suddenly let go of a tool that has been fundamental for your work for a long time, that’s why we will go above and beyond to support you during your transition to STUDIO. We have a 24/7 live chat where you are free to ask any question about how to use studio as well as any web design tips.


You can also access a collection of tips and tricks on how to make the most of STUDIO without leaving the editor.


Key differences with Adobe Muse

Before you ask it, we have laid out the main differences that you will notice when making the switch to STUDIO.

  • Cloud based application : unlike Muse, you do need to be connected to the internet to use STUDIO. This choice is to make it easy for everyone to get started and to eliminate the need of frequently updating the software.

  • Box layout : unlike Muse, you cannot place anything wherever you want on the page. STUDIO firmly believes in using the box layout as this is how the web is actually built, and it is fundamental to make your site responsive and search engine-friendly.

  • Currently only for static websites - Releasing CMS in early 2019 : Studio is currently a perfect choice to quickly create beautiful responsive static websites. However, even though we do offer forms we will be rolling out a full scale, powerful CMS in 2019, therefore for dynamic and content heavy websites we do recommend other services such as Wordpress.

  • Free unlimited : design, prototyping & publishing with subdomain are completely free, only pay for 9$/ month for hosting using custom domains

Sign up for free & have a look yourself!