New App Integration: Channel Talk

How to integrate Channel Talk on a STUDIO website


Channel Talk is a live chat aimed at acquiring and converting users. It is now possible to integrate Channel Talk on your websites built with STUDIO.

Channel talk studio integration

What is Channel Talk?

Channel Talk officially launched in 2017 with the motto: "The answer is in the customer", and has since been used by more than 13,000 companies, in industries ranging from E-commerce to B2B SaaS.

Channel talk can automate popup messages specifically targeted to each segments, offering discounts or showing products with the goal of converting each visit into a sale. It is also possible to A/B test different messages and to use analytics to gain insights into the website visitors.

channel talk

Integrating Channel Talk into STUDIO

NB: You need to upgrade to the publish plan to be able to integrate apps.

It is very easy to use Channel Talk on STUDIO. First, head to Channel Talk and create an account. Then, obtain the Plugin Key from the control center.

channel talk plugin key

  1. From Channel Desk, click on Settings icon.

  2. Click on Manage Plugins.

  3. Click on Install Plugin and copy the Plugin Key.

Set up the plugin on STUDIO

After getting the plugin key, go to the Apps pages on your project dashboard on STUDIO.

STUDIO apps integration page

From Apps, click on Edit next to Channel. Paste the plugin key you obtained earlier and save.

enter plugin key in studio

After saving the plugin key, don't forget to update your website by clicking on the blue button at the top of the project! 😉

update website studio

Once you update your website, the Channel chat bubble will appear at the bottom right of the page.

channel talk live chat

Enjoy using Channel Talk on STUDIO✌️