Blue the color of the UI design

Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash

As a designer you have used many colors in your designs. I’m sure you’ve used blue on numerous occasions. Today, many applications and websites use blue, but do you really know why?

I know some of the reasons:

  • It is the favorite color of men and women.

No, it’s not my favorite color, and maybe not yours. But studies indicate that blue is the favorite color of many people. Men and women indicate this as a preference.

57% of men like blue.
35% of women like blue.

  • Blue transmits security, in addition is the color of the sky and the sea.
  • The universal color of the UI design.

There really is no universal color, but blue is the one that looks the most. Red, orange and green have certain values ​​associated. For example red is danger or error, orange is caution and green is success.
Blue, has no value, so it is widely used in UI design.

  • Technological color.

Blue is the color of large technology companies, it is closely linked to technology and innovation.

  • Blue gives confidence.

Blue is used by well-known companies. For example, Dell, IBM, Paypal … All of them use it as a symbol of trust. The purpose of adding blue, in this case, is to convince the user of their credibility.

  • Blue is the color of accessibility.

The colorblind is one of the colors they can see, but others like red or green can not see them.


I hope that with this article you have understood why many companies use blue in their UI designs.

There is no universal color, but the blue is sometimes the most similar.

As a designer you should not always use the color blue, there are many and more beautiful than this. It all depends on the target audience you are targeting. To do this before designing the interface you must have defined what your audience is.

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