Announcing the official release of STUDIO!

“Build your idea.”

This has been our mission for the last two years, and today we are pleased to finally announce the official release of STUDIO! With STUDIO, we believe you can turn your ideas into tangible digital products. Traditionally, the steps to create and run a website involves different processes and tools that makes the process inefficient, and frankly cumbersome. With this new release, STUDIO provides a consolidated tool that allows users to design, publish and grow their websites!


Freely and easily design with our online tool:

  • Images and texts can be easily manipulated through guidepoints and drag and drop functionalities.
  • Created designs are responsive and adaptable to various sizes, incuding mobile.
  • Designs can be previewed as a website with a click of a button

2. Publish

With a click of a button, created designs can be published and launched online. No coding from the user is necessary, our innovative tool automatically generates the required codes and create designs are transformed into actual websites.

3. Grow

Your team can manage and monitor your published websites!

  • Fully integratable with third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Intercom.
  • Monitor and manage your website’s performance and analytics.

Please check out the latest version of STUDIO here!

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